Environment & Sustainability

At Ingleburn RSL Club we recognise that our trading operations and processes impact both positively and negatively on the natural, social and economic environments around us.

In response to this recognition, and in the interests of leading by example, Ingleburn RSL Club have committed to minimising the negative impacts on these three environments through continual improvement and the pursuit of best practice within our operations.

Our Club has been an active member of the  Sustainable Clubs Alliance and has engaged assistance in improving its environmental sustainability performance from Rana Environmental. Rana Environmental provides our Club with guidance to align us towards sustainability as a core business management strategy, so as to realise operational cost savings and reduce our environmental footprint.

To date, the Club has undertaken a number of projects and initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, such as;

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction (PFC) improves the relationship between real and apparent power consumption, and hence power quality. While PFC does not reduce electricity consumption, it does have a significant impact upon the cost of electricity, a fact observed at Ingleburn RSL Club where the annual electricity cost reduced by 9{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d}.

Internal lighting and Car Park Lighting

All internal lighting has been upgraded to LED lighting, including over 500 fluorescent lamps being replaced with LED linear tubes that are 50{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} more efficient. This series of upgrades has reduced electricity consumption at the Club by 12{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d}.

Similarly, all car park lighting has been upgraded to LED lighting that is 60{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} more efficient and has reduced annual electricity consumption at the Club by 6{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d}.

We also have installed a couple of solar lights and if they work well, will look at replacing our car park lights with the solar ones.


Ingleburn RSL Club has installed the EnergyLink system, designed to drill down from a single site-wide electricity monitoring capability to one that provides sub-metering at 12 key points throughout the Club. This improved visibility allows the Club to better manage electricity use and is supported by external engineers that observe the resulting data and provide on-going recommendations for improvement. The EnergyLink system is anticipated to reduce electricity consumption by 10{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} per annum.

Waste Management

Following participation in the NSW EPA Bin Trim Program, Ingleburn RSL Club increased the waste diversion rate by volume from 43{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} to 63{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} and in turn reduced annual waste management costs by 9{3740c6809b7aa04a0cecf66f7a62275af5186086b95737edd82a017ff5dd198d} overall.

The Club was also successful in receiving $1,004 in funding from the Bin Trim Rebate Program, to install new colour coded recycling and food waste bins throughout all operational areas so as to significantly increase the diversion of commingled recyclables, cardboard and food waste. In addition, the restaurant installed a Pulp Master machine to macerate all food waste generated so that it can be collected for soil nitrification and energy generation.