Children on Club Premises

Children’s Policy

Ingleburn RSL Club is a family friendly venue, and we warmly welcome children of all ages. Whilst we actively encourage parents/adult supervisors to bring children (minors under 18) into the Club to enjoy the various facilities, there are a number of mandatory requirements, and in-house rules/guidelines for parents/adult supervisors with children.

Our Guidelines include:

  • We ask that parents/adult supervisors with children pay attention to signage throughout the Club, regarding restricted areas for children under 18.
  • Children (minors under 18) must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a responsible adult;
  • A “Responsible Adult” is a person/adult supervisor over the age of 18 years and includes:
    • A parent, step-parent or guardian of the minor;
    • The minor’s spouse or de facto partner;
    • A person standing in as the parent of the minor i.e. a grandparent, aunt/uncle or person in charge of an organised sporting or school group.
  • Children are not permitted to be in Restricted Areas of Ingleburn RSL Club at any time, in accordance with legislation and licensing restrictions;
  • Restricted Areas include; Sports Bar, TAB area, Crystal Lounge, Salute Smoking Terrace and Gaming Floor area;
  • Children are strictly prohibited from being sold, supplied or consuming alcohol in any form whilst on Club premises. Any child found to be in the possession of, or attempting to purchase alcohol, will be removed from Club premises;
  • Children are only permitted to stay on the premises until 10:00pm, unless attending a function;
  • Children must have footwear on at all times, with the exception of Tabatinga, where they must have socks on at all times;
  • Bringing your own food onto Club premises is prohibited, with baby food being an exception;
  • Patrons are advised that leaving children unattended in any part of Club premises (or in vehicles) is unacceptable conduct and may result in patrons being asked to leave the Club. Such breaches may also be subject to disciplinary action against the member/patron;
  • The accompanying Responsible Adult is to ensure that their child behaves in an appropriate manner when on Club premises and refrains from behaviour which is likely to cause discomfort or inconvenience to other patrons. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, screaming, running around unsupervised between tables, behaving in a loud and unruly manner, swearing, intimidating, and pushing or fighting with other children.
  • Unacceptable behaviour of a Minor may result in the Minor and their accompanying Responsible Adult being asked to leave the Club premises.