RSA Policy

Responsible Service Of Alcohol Policy

The Club serves Members and Guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner.

We encourage Members and Guests to enjoy themselves while at the Club’s premises and to drink alcohol responsibly and in moderation. As a provider of alcohol, we have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that we do so in a way that will not damage the community or an individual.

This policy applies to all venues of the Ingleburn RSL Group (IRSL)  i.e including Ingleburn Bowling Club. To view our RSA policy please click here.

What we expect of our staff

  • All Staff of IRSL Group who are involved in the sale and supply of alcohol, as well as security staff have Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) accreditation (Competency Card)
  • As such, they are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations in relation to the service of alcohol
  • The Club seeks to ensure that no harm comes to patrons as a result of our service of alcohol.

Staff Training

  • All staff within the IRSL Group are given appropriate induction and refresher training courses in all aspects of the Group’s Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

Intoxicated Persons

  • It is an offence under the Liquor Act to serve intoxicated persons, or to allow such persons to remain on licensed premises.
  • The Club recognises that it is against the law to allow intoxicated, disruptive or violent behaviour on the Club premises.
  • The Club seeks to promote and create an environment that discourages drunken disruptive behaviour.
  • IRSL Group abides by the following objectives of the liquor laws:
    • Need to minimise harm associated with the misuse and abuse of liquor.
    • Encourage responsible attitudes and practices towards the promotion. sale, supply, service and consumption of
    • Ensure that the sale, supply and consumption of liquor contributes to, and does not detract from, the amenity of community
  • Responsible service of alcohol must be enforced by our staff. If at any time our staff are confronted with a patron whom we believe has had enough to drink and is approaching a state of intoxication, firstly we must not serve them but instead, offer them water and then contact the manager on duty immediately.
  • Some signs of intoxication include:
    • Slurred speech
    • Glassy or red eyes
    • Unsteady on their feet
    • Aggressive or quarrelsome behaviour
    • Unable to produce money properly without fumbling
    • Delayed reaction to questions asked
  • A range of drinks is offered to patrons, which include a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, and ice water is provided on a complimentary basis if requested.
  • If a staff member feels that a patron has become intoxicated and continues to order alcohol, they are to refuse service and are required to contact the Duty manager and advise of the patron’s state of intoxication.
  • The Duty Manager will determine whether or not service should continue.
  • If service is refused, the Duty Manager will politely explain to the patron that the Club cannot legally serve alcohol to the point of intoxication.

Under Age Drinking

  • We are under constant pressure from the Government, Police and the Community in regard to the problem of underage drinking.
  • The Club recognise that it is against the law to serve or supply alcohol to any person under the age of 18 years.
  • It is the responsibility of every staff member at IRSL Group to ensure that we are not breaking the law by allowing underage drinking on our premises.
  • This Club has procedures designed to detect under age persons seeking to enter the premises. ID and/or club membership is verified upon club entry by staff. ClubNet kiosk is programmed to flag under age ID’s when scanned.
  • If a patron appears under 25 years of age, even if they have a membership card, they will be asked to produce one additional form of acceptable ID.
  • If a staff member believes that a patron who is ordering or being supplied alcohol, is less than 18 years of age; they will request proof of age. Acceptable proof of age is either current passport, Proof of Age Card, Photo Drivers Licence, Keypass (18+)
  • If the person is less than 18 years of age or refuses to produce identification, staff will refuse service and the Duty Manager will request the person leave the premises.

Undesirable Promotions or Practices

  • Ingleburn RSL Group does not allow undesirable liquor promotions or practices which:
    • Provide priority or free drink service to patrons which might encourage excessive drinking or gaming
    • Appeal to minors e.g use characters, imagery, merchandise or technology primarily designed to appeal to minors
    • Are indecent or offensive e.g Promotions which use images, including human bodies, that may be considered offensive to a reasonable adult.
    • Use non-standard measures e.g yard glass, skolling, slammers, multiple shots etc
    • Offer free or discounted drinks e.g “buy one, get one free” without purchase limits, discounts greater than 50%
    • Encourage irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption e.g drinking games, competitions, challenges, dares, lotteries or games of chance that involve the rapid or excessive consumption of liquor
    • Ascribe emotive descriptions or advertising e.g Mad Monday, Round the world, ‘Drink like a fish’, ‘Drink ‘til you drop’
    • Not in the public interest e.g use of imagery or messages which condone breaking the law or other anti-social behaviour, free drinks for women etc
  • In addition, we will not:
    • offer free or discounted liquor upon gaming floor entry or after a certain number of visits
    • offer discounted liquor to gaming machine players only
    • offer complimentary liquor
    • allow extreme discounting of liquor (more than 50%) for loyalty program members

Alcohol Self-exclusion

  • Ingleburn RSL Group operates an alcohol self-exclusion scheme
  • Should a patron seek to self-exclude on the basis of an addiction to alcohol, that person will be given every assistance
  • Self-exclusion allows a problem drinker to remove the temptation to drink alcohol by restricting their access to liquor.
  • Note too that under clause 23(1) of Ingleburn RSL Group Constitution,

“an employee of the Club may refuse to admit to the Club and may turn out, or cause to be turned out, of the premises of the Club any person including any member: (a) who is then intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly; and

” 23.4 if a person has been refused admission to or turned out of the Club in accordance with Rule 23.1(a), the person must not re-enter or attempt to re-enter the Club within twenty-four (24) hours of being refused admission or being turned out.


Alcohol House Policy

  • No jugs of beer
  • Shooters are not to be sold from any bar
  • Service of alcohol within club premises will cease half hour (30min) before close of trade, 7 days a week.
  • Takeaway alcohol sales are only permitted until 10pm, 7 days a week. No takeaway sales will be permitted on Good Friday and Christmas Day.
  • Food and free water is available during trading hours
  • Non-alcoholic and low strength alcoholic beverages are available
  • After midnight NO Ready to Drink (RTD’s) beverage with an alcohol by volume content of more than 5% or double nip (more than 30ml) of spirit or liqueur (excluding cocktails) will be sold.
  • Our Club has a liquor self-exclusion scheme available to patrons.


The law and our responsible service of alcohol policy stops us:


Supplying alcohol to people who are:

drunk, disorderly or under 18 (including buying alcohol for under 18s)


We do not have promotions or advertising which:

encourage excessive drinking, encourage rapid drinking, provide free drinks or unfairly target women or men


We are responsible hosts in our community through:

training our staff, having courteous staff, caring for our patron safety and not disturbing our neighbours


We serve and care for our patrons by providing:

non-alcoholic drinks, low alcohol drinks, food with drinks, and advice on safe travel

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