First Tournament date is

Starts August 19th 2022

Do you know someone who is just absolutely crazy about BEYBLADES but cannot find anyone to battle? 

Well, Tabatinga Ingleburn has a Community Kids Beyblade Tournament that you do not want to miss!

Cost of registration or Tabatinga admission

  • Tournament players – only $10 each week you attend which also covers your entry into Tabatinga
  • Siblings of Tournament players aged 1-3 = Half price off standard general entry admission into Tabatinga – $4.50 (member)  $5.50 (visitor)
  • Social Bey participants aged 4+ = Half price off standard general entry admission into Tabatinga $5.50 (member) or $6.50 (visitor)

For General Entry/Spectators

If you are coming just for soft play fun or to watch the battles and do not have a registered player with you, general entry fees apply. Admission can be purchased at our reception desk.


About our Tournament!

Held every week (dates subject to change), we invite all our community kids to come together for some battle fun!

Whether it’s to come and compete, to showcase your favorite Beys, to learn from others, or come for some social Bey fun – We cannot wait to meet you!

LOADS of prizes to be won each week – Simply bring your best Beys and LET.IT.RIP!

What you can win:

Tournament winners
1st place $50 eGiftcard of choice

2nd and 3rd place $30 eGiftcard of choice.

All players including social beys have a chance to win instant prizes for:

• Most Epic Burst
• Best Launch
• Sportsmanship Award
• Awesome Attitude


Please note: Any Tabatinga exclusive party bookings on a Friday will push the tournament nights back week by week. Keep up to date via our website and Facebook page.

Terms and Conditions

How to play in the tournament:

  • You must be a registered player aged 16 years and under
  • Rules are to be read every week and any questions are asked at 4:30 pm. The first game/launch starts at approximately 5:00pm

Rules of the Game:

  • You may bring as many Beys as you like, however only one (1) Bey can be played for each game.
  • You must use your own Beys.
  • No swapping or borrowing of other people’s Beys permitted.
  • Each game is the best of 5 battles
  • Only two (2) players in the arena at any given time
  • No touching the arena or Beys whilst spinning
  • Metal fusion Beys are banned
  • Custom-built Beys are allowed with genuine Hasbro and Takara Tomy pieces only
  • Players can use left or right spin Beyblade for a game

How the game will be played:

  • Inspection of your opponent’s Beys will take place for a maximum of thirty (30) seconds prior to the first game only (unless in a draw situation)
  • Get into position
  • Ref will call – 3, 2, 1 Let it RIP
  • Do not launch until you hear RIP
  • Re launch allowed for a:
    • Bad launch (You must call a bad launch to get a re-launch)
    • Outside arena launch (You must call a bad launch for a re-launch)
    • Only two (2) consecutive relaunches are allowed, otherwise, assistance must be given by the ref
  • Refs decision on the winner is final (no arguing)
  • Wins include:
    • Side or corner traps
    • Bursts
    • Survivor finish (last the longest)
  • A draw is called if:
    • Beys stop spinning at the same time.
    • Beys burst at the same time.
    • Draws are not counted toward five (5) battles in a game and must be re-played.
  • A Max of three (3) draws is allowed.
    • If the max is reached, both opponents must choose different Beys to compete with.
    • Thirty (30) second inspection of Beys is allowed for this.
  • No changing of Bey in battle, unless 3 draws happen in a row
  • Sportsmanship always (handshake after the match)
  • Knocked-out players do not play next round.
  • To go into the next round, you must win the
  • All knocked-out players are welcome to play social Beys for the remainder of the night.

Tournament timeframe:

  • Reoccurs weekly for a limited time only and subject to demand
  • Each week the next tournament date is released.

Other information:

  • Any Tabatinga exclusive party bookings on a Friday will push the tournament nights back week by week.
  • How to register as a player: Click the button below
  • How to register for social beys: Click the button below
  • How to pay for sibling entry: Click the button below
  • General admission (not coming for Beys or just want to watch/softplay fun): Via Tabatinga Reception



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