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ClubGRANTS serve up new opportunities for Westside Volleyball

Up until last year, Westside Volleyball was a predominantly seniors volleyball club. That changed in 2023 when they introduced a juniors program with teams joining the Youth Sydney Volleyball League. After a spike in interest following the commencement of the juniors, the club decided to create a development program to teach the next generation of volleyball players. Thanks to a ClubGRANT of $5,000, the club now has the funds they need to bring the program to life this year.

Ingleburn RSL Club awards a ClubGRANT to Westside Volleyball

Broadening the volleyball community

It’s no secret that the players at Westside Volleyball are passionate about their sport. With the development program they want to broaden the love of volleyball in the community and get more people involved in the sport.

“Last year we could see that this program was needed but we didn’t have the resources we needed to get it up and running,” explains Lisbeth Rutene from Westside Volleyball. “We had a lot of kids who were not ready for competitions but were very keen to learn the sport. Thanks to the ClubGRANT, we’ll be able to get our volunteers accredited and buy the equipment we need to help the kids develop their skills and knowledge. 

Westside Volleyball is fortunate to have a group of engaged members who are keen to get involved in passing their skills onto the next generation.

ClubGRANT for Westside Volleyball Club

Overwhelming support

Without the ClubGRANTS funding, Lisbeth admits that it would have been a long road to getting the development program off the ground.

“I’m really overwhelmed by the support that we’ve received,” she adds. “We’ve used the Ingleburn RSL Club before for meetings and the like but this is the first time we’ve actually applied for a ClubGRANT.

“This program is going to help us engage with youth within the Ingleburn area and get them involved in a growing sport. This development training will be so important for these kids to gain the skills they need to continue on in volleyball competitions.”

For all of us at Ingleburn RSL Club, it’s a privilege to use our ClubGRANTS to support programs like this one from Westside Volleyball.

“Sport is something almost everyone in our community loves to be part of,” says Terry Goldsworthy, President of Ingleburn RSL Club. “The Westside Volleyball program could spark a lifelong love of volleyball in the kids who participate in the development program. But even if they only end up playing for a year, being involved in the sport will give them new skills they’ll carry with them for life.”

To get involved in playing volleyball or learn more about the development program, visit the Westside Volleyball website or Facebook page.

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