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Welcome to the Ingleburn RSL Tigers Junior Rugby League Football Club.

Annual General Meeting Notice

7:30pm Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Bardia Room … Ingleburn RSL Club


  • Attendance and Apologies
  • Minutes from previous AGM
  • Board Reports
  • Audit Report
  • Notified Business:
    • Board recommendation … Amendment
    • Rules & By-Laws
    • Committee Positions
  • Vacation of Board/ Committee
  • Board/Committee Election
  • Appointment of Auditors for 2019
  • Receiving of Team Official applications for Season 2019
  • Other Business that the meeting agrees to be considered
  • Meeting Closure

Nomination Forms for 2019 Board positions can be downloaded here and are available from the President, Secretary and Public Officer.

Office Bearer Nomination Form

Please check the Tigers Facebook (official page) for further and additional information.

All completed nomination forms must be received by the Public Officer no later than 4pm 9th January 2019 in accord of the Associations Incorporations Act (2009).

Application forms to 2019 Team Official positions can also be sourced, as set out above.

Team Official Nomination Form

All candidates to the Board / Committee positions and, applicants to Team Official roles, must hold a WWC clearance and be financial members of the Club.

Player Registrations will be held on Saturday, 2nd February and Saturday 9th February 2019.

This Rugby League Club originated in 1963 under the auspices of the Ingleburn RSL Sub-branch as a sporting division of the Ingleburn RSL Youth Club, being known as the “Ingleburn RSL Youth Club – Rugby League Division”.  In 2007 the Club adopted the “Tiger” emblem and  became known as the “Ingleburn RSL Tigers”.

The dissolution of the Ingleburn RSL Youth Club through 2011/2012 resultantly meant the Club became an independent entity and the Club then adopted the name “Ingleburn RSL Tigers Junior Rugby League Football Club”. In 2014 the Club was given approval for the retention of the letters RSL within our name, since it is a key factor to our heritage, and is now an incorporated entity in its own right.

It is very much appreciated that the Ingleburn RSL Club Ltd continues to support us with generous annual financial assistance through their Club Grants scheme for sporting apparel and other equipment as well as affording us the use of club facilities for meetings, scheduled social events and presentations as we may require.

Our Home Ground is Wood Park … immediately adjoining the Ingleburn RSL Club in Wagtail Crescent, Ingleburn.



Club Contacts – 2018

President            Paul Williams                   0411 249 285       Email:

Secretary             Hayley Middlemiss          0451 172 156       Email:

Treasurer            Vacant

Registrar              Graham Bostock               0451 265 665       Email:



Club meetings are held within the Ingleburn RSL Club on the 3rd Wednesday of each month … January to October.

Please Note: One of the General Meetings is usually deferred to the 4th week of the month due to the clash with State of Origin.

The Club’s Annual General Meeting is held within the Ingleburn RSL Club on the 3rd Wednesday of November.

There are no General Meetings held in December.

All members are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Ongoing Club news, developments and social activities can be accessed on the Club’s Official Facebook page

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Sydney Combined Competitions Draw and Results … U/17 to A Grade

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Sydney Combined Competition

(use these site’s pull down menus to access the particular competition you are searching and, importantly note, when there are changes to the draw, these sites are not always amended … it is important to ensure you follow the information provided to your team’s manager and/or coach by our Club Secretary)


Life Members

Matthew Hirst, Janette Masters, Gary Masters, Paul Doyon, Chris Bostock, Graham Bostock, Paul (Noddy) Reynolds