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Our History

Who Are We?

Officially titled Ingleburn R.S.L. Sub-Branch Club Limited, the Ingleburn R.S.L. Club is a trading body under the Registered Club Act and administered by a Board Of Directors with each elected annually by the members.

Our History

The Club we know and love today started in the post WWI era. In the legendary ‘tin shed’, returned Diggers assembled for meetings, get-togethers and the occasional cleansing ale. 

The original Club site at the corner of Cumberland and Oxford Road Ingleburn was donated. An old army hut was transported to the site to serve as the club house. This was a local community meeting point and played host to regular housie and dances. From the early days to now, Ingleburn RSL Club continues to be a place where the local community can meet and gather.

Building on a legacy

Over the years, Ingleburn RSL Club has evolved into what it is today.

In 1965, the Club was granted a liquor licence. Sometime later, approximately six poker machines were approved and installed.

A decade later in 1975, the late Douglas Raymond Purser and his Board of Directors purchased 6 acres of land. This site became the new home for the Club, where it still stands today. The land was purchased from the late Eric Wood (Woods Estate) for the sum of $60,000. 


At that time, a further $1.7 million was invested to build an ultra modern club house. Almost three decades later, the Club invested a further $6 million in renovation works.

In 1988, the Club purchased 13 holiday units at Forster on the NSW mid-north coast. These units have been subsidised by the Club for more than 30 years, offering tremendous value for money for members.

Ingleburn RSL Club Today

We’re proud of our history and what we have created at Ingleburn RSL Club. We continue to honour our returned service men and women, while building strong ties to our local community.

Today, the Club has a wide range of facilities. Members and guests can enjoy a spectacular gaming room and entertainment lounge area with TAB and Keno facilities. They can enjoy a meal in our restaurants or a drink in our bars and see some of the world’s finest memorabilia in the sports lounge. 

Our membership now stands at over 17,000. We have a gross annual turnover of approximately $14 million and employ over 70 casual and permanent staff. Our Youth Club caters for some 3,000 children, who participate in sports ranging from little athletics to ballroom dancing, cricket, rugby league and soccer. On ANZAC Day, we provide breakfast to hundreds of people and honour the RSL Diggers for the service.

The future is bright for our Club. As we evolve and grow for the future, we’ll continue to hold on to the legacy of the early Diggers who called Ingleburn RSL Club their own.

A Social Meeting Place

Ingleburn R.S.L. Club continues to be a social meeting place for many members of our community. Anzac Day is celebrated every year, were the Club provides breakfast and the RSL Diggers are honored with “their day”. The Club also provides many groups including sporting and services groups such as Lions and Rotary clubs with free use of meeting rooms and function rooms. The Club also provides facilities during times of bushfires, floods and emergency situations. Each year, the Ingleburn RSL Club connects with and supports the community through many avenues, including our ClubGRANTS program. 

Assisting Charities and Community Groups

Although there are too many to list, the club plays a major role in several significant charity and community groups. The Ingleburn R.S.L. Club provides approximately 200 free meals to Myrtle Cottage each week. The Ingleburn R.S.L. Club along with several other clubs in the Macarthur region are founding members of the Kids in Macarthur Foundation. The Club provides over $10,000 per year in assisting the Foundation to purchase important hospital equipment. The Ingleburn R.S.L. Club is a major financial supporter of Mater Dei Special School at Camden and has also financial assisted over 22 local primary and secondary schools.

Supporting Where We Can

Ingleburn RSL Club has provided training and support for many Campbelltown Tafe hospitality students. The Club also provides much needed financial support to the Health Research Foundation, Spinal Research Foundation as well as Care flight Helicopter and Legacy. The Club also supports the annual Ingleburn and Campbelltown Festivals and provides meals and entertainment for over 300 senior citizens during Senior Citizens week each year.

The Ingleburn R.S.L. Club uses the service of over 50 local businesses. The club has always had the policy of supporting local businesses. May of those local businesses rely on the Club’s trade and have established valuable business relationships with the Club over the years.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the destination of choice for recreation, entertainment and a place to belong. Where every experience is individual and exceptional, whilst always honouring and remembering the spirit of service.

Our culture is what allows us to create the individual and exceptional experiences that we strive towards. The spirit of service is embedded in the psyche of our organisation. And it is because we foster a sense of belonging, where all people are welcome, that we are a destination of choice for so many.

Our Purpose

To connect with and support our community. 

This has many layers of meaning. 

Firstly, our team. We are a community of colleagues, working alongside each other to achieve our vision. We provide opportunities for connection and support through everyday moments.

Secondly, our members and guests. The community within our Club. When a member or guest steps through our doors, they instantly feel welcome. They’re greeted with smiling faces at every turn. They are connected to our Club.

Finally, the broader community around us. Through ClubGRANTS, we support our community. We provide financial support and in-kind donations to community organisations that contribute to a brighter future for the people of the Macarthur region.

Our Values


Our values act as signposts guiding us towards the behaviours that will contribute positively towards our culture.

Our values:

  • People: we seek to understand others, deliver the highest standards of service and support the Club’s community contributions.
  • Teamwork: we support each other, communicate respectfully and bring out the best in ourselves and others.
  • Integrity: we are transparent, accountable and always doing the right thing even if it’s hard.
  • Belonging: we are inclusive, welcoming, caring, supportive, treat others equally and listen to all voices.

One membership… two clubs

When you become a member, you open the door to a vast local community at Ingleburn RSL Club, Tabatinga Fun and Social Centre and Ingleburn Bowling Club.

Eat & Drink


Crumbed Prawn Cutlet Basket

Every Monday in July

Golden fried crumbed prawn cutlets, served with chips, salad and tartare sauce.


Lamb Shank

Every Tuesday in July

Slow cooked lamb shank, in a garlic, rosemary and tomato sauce. Served with mash potato, roast carrot and mushy peas.


Chicken and Prawns

Every Wednesday in July

Pan fried breast fillet, topped with golden fried crumbed prawn cutlets and a creamy mustard sauce. Served with chips and salad. 


Sizzling Chicken Fajitas

Every Thursday in July

Tex Mex marinated breast strips, onions and capsicum on a sizzling plate. Served with flour tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and cheese.

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