October Thursday Night eRaffles

Over 2K in eGift Cards to be won this coming Thursday 14th October 2021. Don’t miss out!

Make sure to purchase tickets prior to 6:30pm when we close ticket sales.

Our online raffles will continue for a limited time only, even if the Club is open.
Please stay up to date via our website for more details.
Thursday 14th October prizes to be won with a minimum prize value of $100!
  • Myer eGift Card (RRP: $200.00)
  • Woolworths eGift Card (RRP: $200.00)
  • BIG W eGift Card (RRP: $200.00)
  • Bunnings eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Coles eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Kmart eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Target eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Super Cheap eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Caltex eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • BWS eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Uber Eats eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Door Dash eGiftCard (RRP: $100.00)
  • Woolworths Group Wish eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Rebel eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • BCF eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Catch eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Amazon Australia eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)
  • Woolworths Group Wish eGift Card (RRP: $100.00)