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Supporting a future game-changing forensic scientist through ClubGRANTS

It’s quite rare to discover your career purpose at the age of eight. But that’s exactly what happened to Ashlyn White. Now at university studying forensic science, Ashlyn is an impressive young woman with a bright future ahead of her.

Other than a chance for us to celebrate Ashlyn’s achievements, we’re also proud to support her through a ClubGRANT via the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund.

Ashlyn has shared more of her story from interested youngster to future forensic taphonomist and anthropologist. Plus, she also gives insight into how her scholarship through the Ingleburn RSL ClubGRANTS is making a difference to her studies.

Gallipoli Scholarship Fund ClubGRANT

Ashlyn’s journey to forensic science

Ashlyn was in year 3 when she first heard about forensic science and human anatomy. As children often do when they have a special interest, she immersed herself in learning everything she could on the topic. Within three years she was able to name all 206 bones in the human body. Most people would go their whole lives being able to rattle off the names of only a handful of bones!

Fast forward to her HSC year and Ashlyn attempted to replicate the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER) for her Science Extension course project.

“The data this facility produces is extremely helpful when applied to real crime scene investigations,” explains Ashlyn.

The details of Ashlyn’s experiments are fascinating. The project ran over 49 days and had input from her teachers, ethic committees, a senior university lecturer and even the Deputy Director of AFTER.

Ashlyn’s dedication to her field of interest has paid off and now she is studying forensic science at the University of Technology, Sydney. She hopes to pursue a career in forensic taphonomy and anthropology.

“Forensic Taphonomy is primarily the study of what happens between a victim’s time of death to the time they are discovered,” she explains. “The forensic side allows this practice to be used in a legal setting, such as when investigating homicides. Forensic Anthropology on the other hand, is the skill of using skeletal remains to provide evidence in a legal setting generally relating to suspected murders.”

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

At Ingleburn RSL, we came to know Ashlyn through the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund. They provide scholarships to direct descendants of Service men and women who have served in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force in any conflict or peacekeeping role since the First World War. In Ashlyn’s case, her grandfather served in the Vietnam War.

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund was established to perpetuate the perseverance, courage, self-sacrifice and mateship and to remind of the sacrifice of so many Australians.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to the most deserving and meritorious applicants by way of $6,000 towards their first year of study at University or TAFE. Both educational merit and necessitous circumstances are considered when awarding the scholarships.

ClubGRANT awarded to forensic science student through the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

ClubGRANTS making a real difference to Ashlyn’s future

Of her scholarship, Ashlyn says that it has given her a more positive attitude towards her studies.

“A lot of my friends were starting to question whether university is really worth it given the financial cost,” she explains. “It’s also been great getting to know the people at Ingleburn RSL and the other scholarship recipients. It’s so cool to have people interested in what I’m studying and so passionate about.”

For our team at Ingleburn RSL, it’s so rewarding to see our ClubGRANTS having such a positive impact. She may only be one person but she has the potential to make such a big difference in her profession. And it’s the community that benefits.

“I would like to work in the AFP,” says Ashlyn. “While it may seem like what I’m studying is about solving crime, there’s also an element of crime prevention. The more research we do in the field, the easier it is to catch criminals and hopefully deter other people from committing crimes.”

“Ashlyn is an outstanding young woman,” adds Terry Goldsworthy, President of Ingleburn RSL Club. “We are proud to be associated with her and to have helped her with her studies. We have no doubt that she has a very bright future ahead of her and will give back to her community in so many ways.”

Ingleburn RSL supporting the community

Whether it’s an individual or a large group receiving one of our ClubGRANTS, we believe in the power of supporting the community. We’re proud to support Ashlyn and all of our other ClubBRANTS recipients in making a real difference.

Learn more about the Ingleburn RSL ClubGRANTS contributions and how we’re proudly supporting our local community.

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