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A Day of Heroic Support at Ingleburn RSL Club

April 8th 2024 marked a momentous occasion at Ingleburn RSL Club, where hearts and hands united for a noble cause. It was ‘Super Tee Day’, an event that witnessed the spirited collaboration between the RSL Club’s team and the compassionate individuals of the Supertee foundation, namely Jason and Terri plus Mums Kayla & Maria.

Together, we embarked on a mission filled with compassion and enthusiasm, meticulously packing stickers, heartfelt messages, bookmarks, and more to craft a treasure trove of surprises for young warriors battling illness in hospitals.

At the core of our efforts was a piece of innovation, designed to embolden – the Superhero Tee. These unique garments have become a symbol of “superhero bravery” for children facing daunting challenges in clinical settings. Far exceeding the bounds of style, these tees serve as a beacon of courage, embodying super cool designs while catering to the practical needs of medical procedures, being MRI & PET Scan friendly.

Their thoughtful design ensures comfort, functionality, and ease for both the little fighters and the carers assisting them. These Superhero Tees transform what a regular medical gown might be into a mantle of power, sparking imagination and infusing strength when kids need it most.

As Supertee champions the ambition to positively shape the hospital experience for these resilient young patients, we too, at Ingleburn RSL Club, were inspired to support this vision. Our collective efforts saw singing, dancing, and laughter intermingle as we assembled around 192 tins destined for children in hospitals, respite centres, and paediatric wards across the nation.

We also poured our hearts into writing special messages on the boxes for the nurses who will unveil these packages, touching lives one box at a time. The camaraderie and cheer of the day amplified our sense of purpose, reinforcing the impact of joint endeavours rooted in kindness.

We stand proud, reflecting on our participation in this incredible initiative. With deepest gratitude, the entire Ingleburn RSL Club extends a heartfelt thank you to Supertee. Your endeavours are not just about changing garments; but about transforming lives and nurturing hope within those little, brave heroes who inspire us all.

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