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ClubGRANTS help to sew success for Campbelltown Patchwork & Quilters Guild

For the members of the Campbelltown Patchwork & Quilters Guild, quilting is more than an art form. It’s a community that provides them with connection, friendship and a chance to share their craft with generations to come. 

In the lead up to their 2022 exhibition, the guild received a ClubGRANT from Ingleburn RSL Club. And the members didn’t waste any time putting the funds to good use to showcase the local quilting talent and raise funds for the community. 

Quilting and community

On every second Monday of the month, Marina Barrett, President of the Campbelltown Patchwork & Quilters Guild, hosts the 50 or so members in the guild. A vibrant and supportive community, they come together on a mission to keep the art of quilting alive.

“The members are really passionate about their craft,” explains Marina. “Quilts are something that you can hand down and we all want to see that continue.”

And it’s not just about the quilting. The guild is a patchwork of community and connection. They attend workshops and outings together, discussing their latest projects as they connect. 

Sewing up success

A regular event on the guild calendar is their annual exhibition, held at Campbelltown City Centre. An opportunity for the members to auction their beautiful quilts, the proceeds help to maintain the not-for-profit guild. Any additional funds are then donated back to the community.

The 2022 exhibition was a resounding success. Not least because the guild attracted six new members, the latest of which is an 11-year-old girl who shares a love of quilting with her grandmother. 

“It’s wonderful because the older ladies love some young blood, and this girl has just taken off in the group,” says Marina.

The exhibition also helped to grow the guild’s Facebook following, helping to foster a growing online community with a passion for the craft of quilting.

With one male member and a diverse age range, from young to elderly, the guild provides a welcoming and supportive community for quilters of all levels.

Giving back… again

With the $500 ClubGRANT from Ingleburn RSL Club, the guild funded a cafe during the exhibition, serving sandwiches and scones. The members were able to make a return of four times the amount that went into the cafe, the proceeds of which will be distributed to a local charity decided by the members. In the past, they have supported Sherwood House, Odyssey House, and Kids of Macarthur.

Terry Goldsworthy, President of Ingleburn RSL Club, said, “Supporting the guild has been a privilege for the RSL. They go to great lengths to give back to the community and we support and share their passion. It’s heartwarming to watch them make a difference by doing what they love.”

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