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Australian Air League Edmondson Park squadron flying high with ClubGRANTS

Teamwork, leadership and communication are all important life skills. And that’s what the Australian Air League teaches. In addition to cadets learning about aviation, they also develop these practical skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Recently, the Australian Air League Edmondson Park received a $5000 ClubGRANT from Ingleburn RSL Club. The funds will support their efforts to provide quality programs and opportunities to children in our local community.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

For the 30 cadets in the Edmondson Park joint squadron, the program follows a military-like structure. The cadets, both boys and girls, progress through different ranks, taking on new responsibilities as they do so. Importantly, they learn to be accountable for their actions in a fun and friendly environment.

With cadets ranging in age from eight to 18, this presents unique opportunities for true collaboration and developing strong communication skills.

“We’ve got some of the young cadets that we will put in charge of the older kids,” says Michaela Finnegan, Acting Squadron Officer Commanding. “The older cadets have to learn that the younger cadets should have a voice as well.”

The cadets are capably led by a team of officers, many of whom were once cadets themselves.

While it’s not all about aviation – the leadership skill development is evidence of that – the cadets participate in flying days at Camden airport. They learn about plane safety and equipment, preparing them for potential future careers as pilots, aircraft engineers or other roles in the aviation industry.

Ingleburn RSL Club ClubGRANT funds the purchase of equipment

Marching forward with a ClubGRANT

After a few difficult years with fundraising off the table thanks to the pandemic, the ClubGRANT from Ingleburn RSL Club was a welcome boost. The grant will allow the squadron to purchase much-needed equipment and supplies to form a marching band. It will also contribute to uniforms, textbooks, a laser tag game as a fun activity and flags and gloves for drills.

“The grant will help us do all the things which can help fundraise for other items,” explains Michaela. “This gives us such a huge helping hand to get some of the things that we just haven’t been able to purchase in the last few years.”

Glenn Cushion, CEO of Ingleburn RSL Club stated his support for the squadron.

“The Edmondson Park squadron was established just before COVID-19 hit. Because the squadron was so new and didn’t have many resources at their disposal, they haven’t been able to do any fundraising for the last two and a half years. Ingleburn RSL Club recognises that many community organisations have struggled during the pandemic and we are delighted to be able to give a helping hand to the Air League.”

You can learn more about the Australian Air League Edmondson Park squadron on their website.

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